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Discover how our open access options can help you maximize reach and impact, Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. Biotech. Check the status of your submitted manuscript in EES: The most downloaded articles from Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology in the last 90 days. immobilised on Luffa ( Luffa cylindrica ) sponge, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, International Society of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (ISBAB), Download the ‘Understanding the Publishing Process’ PDF, joint commitment for action in inclusion and diversity in publishing, Check the status of your submitted manuscript in. An International Journal on Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences. Your datasets will also be searchable on Mendeley Data Search, which includes nearly 11 million indexed datasets. For more information, visit. Genome sequencing of the bacteriophages revealed their novelty and divided the phages into five distinct clades, belonging to three different families, with no known toxins or lysogeny associated genes which indicate their use as an environmentally friendly biocontrol agent in cherry industry. We welcome submissions of both research and review articles in the areas of photosynthesis, plant photoreceptors, light signaling, photomorphogenesis, circadian clock, crosstalk between light and other signaling pathways, and crop improvement based on light signaling. Cookies are used by this site. Guest Editors: Prof. Haiyang Wang & Prof. Hongtao Liu. The phages had specific host range, with some able to lyse three strains of Pss, Psm1 and Psm2, causative agents of canker in cherry with an observed impact in reducing bacterial counts. Language: English; ISSN: 2141-2340 The ISSN of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology is 18788181. September 2020. - The overall rank of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology is 9585. The h-index is defined as the maximum value of h such that the given journal/author has published h papers that have each been cited at least h number of times. These phototrophs have the potential to enhance plant growth performance, increase the yield and quality of edible plant biomass, boost the resistance to environmental stresses, bioremediate heavy metals and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Data for: Advances in screening methods and Application of bacteriocins from Lactic acid bacteria in aquaculture and aquatic products, Data for: Efficient biomass-exopolysaccharide production from an identified wild-Serbian Ganoderma lucidum strain BGF4A1 mycelium in a controlled submerged fermentation, Article Publishing Charges waived for article transfers to participating Open Access journals, Discover why open access is on the rise in Elsevier’s Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology journals, Bio-active Compound from Plants and Microbes for Human Wellness, Marine Natural Products as Pharmaceutical Agents, Influence of humic acid, iron and copper on microbial degradation of fungicide Carbendazim, Alpha-amylase conjugated biogenic silver nanoparticles as innovative strategy against biofilm-forming multidrug resistant bacteria, Biotransformation of the antibiotic agent cephadroxyl and the synthetic dye Reactive Black 5 by Leptosphaerulina sp. In partnership with the communities we serve; we redouble our deep commitment to inclusion and diversity within our editorial, author and reviewer networks. Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals and microorganisms. Genome recoding strategies to improve cellular properties: mechanisms and advances, Gene editing applications to modulate crop flowering time and seed dormancy, On improving strigolactone mimics for induction of suicidal germination of the root parasitic plant, Improving coordination of plant growth and nitrogen metabolism for sustainable agriculture, Molecular and genetic pathways for optimizing spikelet development and grain yield, Call for Papers --- Special Issue "Plant Photobiology and Biotechnology" in 2021, Call for Papers --- Special Issue "Wheat Biotechnology" in 2021, Call for Papers --- Special Issue "Metabolic engineering" in 2021, Call for Papers --- Special Issue "Soybean and legume biotechnology" in 2021, Technologies/strategies that control plant growth and development, Quantification and analysis of metabolites and other biological molecules, Identification of useful genetic elements/gene functions, Immediate online access with complete access to all articles, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China. Stability of the phages were tested at a range of different temperatures over a six‐month period and revealed they were capable of surviving in different environmental temperatures typical of the annual weather variations in the UK, which is a significant factor in choosing a phage for biocontrol. Topics covered include, agronomy; plant and animal breeding; genetics; agricultural biotechnology; crop physiology and agroecology; soil science and agroclimatology; agricultural economics and rural sociology; and sustainable systems. GO TO SECTION. Genome mining of Ascomycete sp. Open Access Journals gaining more Readers and Citations700 Journals and 15,000,000 Readers Each Journal is getting 25,000+ Readers. Format. It is published by Elsevier BV. Purple non‐sulfur bacteria (PNSB) are beneficial for plant growth, due to their ability to produce and accumulate high‐value compounds. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, The latest Open Access articles published in Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology. Fermentation of banana pseudostem requires molasses to obtain a fast pH reduction. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology has an h-index of 23. The scope of the journal encompasses the research, industrial, and commercial aspects of biotechnology, including the areas of: biocatalysis; bioprocesses; food and agriculture; genetic engineering; molecular biology; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; biofuels; genomics; nanotechnology; environment and biodiversity; and bioremediation. F53 (F53), a fungal endophyte of the traditional Chinese medicinal plant Taxus yunnanensis (Chinese yew), revealed 35 putative specialized metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters, one of which encodes a rarely seen tandem polyketide synthase pathway. Rhizobiales members were observed to function as generalists in the root‐associated interaction network, and the rhizosphere and endosphere communities performed their respective functions in the soil as a cohesive collective. Note: The impact factor shown here is equivalent to citescore and is, therefore, used as a replacement for the same. Related Journals of Agricultural biotechnology. It demonstrates that manure bacteria get aerosolized from fertilized soil more easily than soil bacteria, and it applies bacterial genomic sequencing for the first time to trace environmental fecal contamination back to its source in the chicken barn. Source:, IEEE Article The objective was to further the understanding of the complex interaction between the soil microbiota, a plant pathogen and the host plant. The ISSN of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology journal is 18788181. Types of papers published are: Full-length original research papers; Short communications; Review articles; Letters to the Editor. Bacteriophages were isolated from wide range of samples in cherry orchards in the UK. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. Mendeley Data Repository is free-to-use and open access.

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