april greiman interview

From the sinuous, fluid logo of…, This is my favorite line ever uttered in one of those flipping-through-the-portfolio presentations that designers love to give: “Only a…, ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ The ultimate flex: a full set of EoD Mag on your bookshelf ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ, “I felt like as soon as you’ve given it a name, it’s dead.”. Design discussions: April Greiman on trans-media >, Opinion: The case for unpaid internships. After the conference, Harry Marks said, ‘we are going to Macy's department store. The head of the program was a Yale graduate, Rob Roy Kelly, and he was setting it up for all of us to become corporate designers. arose from my own internal chatter and imaginations. What did you do there? I wasn’t that long off the boat from Basel, and I liked being free and experimenting and using a lot of color. When you see little spinning TV logos from that time, those would have been done on the first Quantel Paintbox. Obviously I was very naive, but at the same time very excited, and not about to return home to New York. From there I began to ask, “What is creativity?” Aside from the biblical creation myth, if you go with the sciences and physics, you would say everything was created out of the Big Bang. It had its own font library, and you could scan things in and animate them for broadcast. I found that method very useful. LP   I have seen in an issue of TM from 1975 a special article that carried your name. Furthermore, Greiman initiated a hybrid-based approach that combined analog and digital components, while also developing an expressive typographical style at the same time. My employer noted that he had a feeling that Jayme and I would become a couple, which we weren’t at the time. And I bought it thinking, you know, this will be fun. During that time she would work on lithos and prints, as she had a press in the basement of their house. Does every app need to look as if it were…, This story was originally published in the “Utopias” issue of Eye on Design magazine. Included is advice for young designers, the state of things today and the shape of things to come. The designer returned to the US following her studies, and settled in Los Angeles in 1976, where she established the multidisciplinary practice Made in Space. She said to them, “Well, you’re setting yourself back pre- Renaissance, then. [My work] was too non-corporate, I guess. Vaporwave is a thoroughly internet-birthed…, Imagine you’re browsing the aisles of Whole Foods for your next meal, when your eyes pass over a package of…, The act of voting has never felt so critical. From her investigations at the leading edge of the California New Wave to her pioneering work in digital media and hybrid processes, April Greiman, 1998 AIGA Medalist, sets an example for future generations of designers to be willing to ask the questions that need to be asked. The decision to change the department name back was a collective one within the college, and it was made in the years following Wild’s hiring. AG   Maybe. She is a genius in so many ways. I didn’t speak to him for years as it was so hard for me to accept this responsibility, and I thought he wasn’t interested in me and my work, so took it as an offense. LP   Some people say that Weingart is the father of the New Wave style, do you think so? greiman kicked off the conversation with glenn adamson by presenting her works from the mid-1980s — some of the first digital graphics ever made. That’s the idea behind the whole running chronology of dates at the bottom of the piece. At the time I was working in New York for the Museum of Modern Art, with the curator of design, Emilio Ambasz. “I’ve always resented later being called “Queen of New Wave” or “Pomo.” Those aren’t anything that I identify with.”. It's just repeating tasks and cut-and-paste and not really thinking. LP   The first time I saw TM was on a Flickr account. AG   No, I was there a few years later. He told you to just show up? I don't touch film, it's all digital. I do forget a lot about those days, it is shocking. LP   Were there other people from Switzerland who were teaching there? AG   I was only 21. When I asked him about it, he said that he felt like I was developing a stronger personal relationship with this photographer and that I’d rather go into business with him. It's because the people who are designing it are not the ones designing with it. He basically invented the technology and software that launched motion graphics. Schooled by the famous New Wave master Wolfgang Weingart, April is also credited with introducing America to New Wave, postmodern design. You grew up in New York and then left to study graphic design at Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri.

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