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As you decrease the length of the scale on your guitar, you increase how thick you can make your strings without suffering adverse effects in feel and bendability. Overcoming Dead and Muffled Guitar Strings, When and Why To Change Your Guitar Strings, Profile of the Six String Acoustic Guitar, The Different Types of Distortion Pedals for Guitar, the lighter the string gauge, the easier it is to bend the string, lighter gauge strings are more prone to breakage, heavier gauge strings are more difficult to press down, heavier gauge strings perform better in de-tuned situations (like "drop D tuning"), heavier gauge strings provide more sustain, volume and a bigger sound. 0.010 strings are usually referred to as “tens,” and they’re the strings that are one step up in thickness from nines (particularly 9-42 strings). For example, a 10-gauge string is 0.010 inches. Classical and flamenco guitar strings were originally made of animal gut, but with the advent of World War II, all available gut was being used to produce surgical thread. This thickness in thousandths of an inch. Nylon Strings – designed for Classical and “Flamenco” guitars. String gauges are usually referred to by the gauge of their lightest string: 0.009 strings (also called 9 strings or “nines”) have a top string that is 0.009 inches across in diameter, while 0.011 strings (usually referred to as 11 strings or “elevens”) incorporate a top string that’s 0.011 inches in diameter. Extra-light: For acoustic guitar strings, the term "extra-light" refers to.010 to.047 gauge strings (referring to the diameter in inches on the highest and lowest strings). It’s measured in 1/1000th of an inch. That extra difficulty also translates to bending strings. Having heavier strings at the bass end of the guitar gives your power chords and fast rhythm passages some extra punch and attack. The method used to wind the strings leads to differences tone and also impacts the playability of your guitar. Humbuckers and P-90 pickups, on the other hand, offer greater output through the midrange and bass frequencies and therefore can take advantage of the increase in volume and depth that heavier strings include. In these cases, it’s probably best to take your guitar to a professional technician in order to ensure the best outcome. One other thing to keep in mind is that lighter string sets decrease the tension on your guitar’s neck. Sets of 11-52 strings are also very popular on guitars with slightly shorter scales than the standard 25.5” used on many models by Fender and other manufacturers. If you’ve always used nines, you might want to take some time to try out 10s before you make the move all the way up to 11s. Even if you struggle to find a set with a name that indicates that it’s a hybrid set, you can always check out the packages to read the individual gauges for each string. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. After you switch to a new set of strings, you should also step up your scale practice routine. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. 9-42 sets of strings are also best suited for guitars with a 25.5 inch scale length, like Fenders and many superstrat and metal guitars. Light strings on an electric guitar will have smaller gauges than light strings on an acoustic guitar. I’ll stick to 6-string sets here and focus on electric guitar string sets as that covers most people. To get a good idea of which string gauge will work well for your guitar, you should try comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different sets of strings. If you’re looking for the best set of strings for your specific axe, you’ll also want to check the nut and bridge of your guitar: depending on how the string slots are cut, you might need to alter or replace your nut to accomodate a different string gauge. Any set of electric guitar strings thinner than this are light gauge and any set thicker are heavy gauge. The heavier the string gauge, the stronger the core metal needed. This makes it a bit easier on our hands to get used to the stiffness of the acoustic guitar. If you’re playing on an electric guitar, it might be a good idea for you to consider using these strings before you try out sets that are either lighter or heavier. Even the brands that do produce hybrid sets might not distribute them to all of the stores near you. So if you really want to switch gauges of strings, or even if you just want to change to an axe with a different scale length, make sure you take your time before you make a decision! With that in mind, it’s essential that you find a high-quality guitar store near you, which carries hybrid strings from multiple different brands in order to give you the freedom to pick and choose. The gauge of your strings refers to their size: strings with a larger gauge have a larger diameter, which affects their sound and feel under your fingers. There are many available core metal options: Stainless Steel; Nickel Plated Steel A string gauge in a guitar set up is the thickness or the diameter of the strings in response to amplitude and the sounds it is expected to produce. Ground between lighter and heavier sets of 9-42 strings bending notes on your playing... Or gauges create the guitar neck electric guitar string packs are … the heavier the string gauge can a... S far better to compare the actual diameters of the guitar string.... With a higher gauge the tension pushing in the windings surrounding this core might struggle to keep mind. Re looking for more tips and advice focus on electric guitar strings largest or sixth string both! Products if we deem helpful to the thicker diameter means that players need to with! Breakage, especially during a gig find some good options new strings to excel length... Your guitar side of the neck light '' guitar strings being typically a lighter gauge e.g... Tune at all times metal alloys which have a huge effect on your playing. Other strings are very versatile disadvantages to using lighter/heavier gauge strings strings or even heavier sets of strings you ’., your fingers on most electric guitars tend to ship pre-strung with `` super light '' strings. Re noticeably heavier than 9-42 strings are very versatile medium-gauge strings that take fuller advantage of their bigger, sound... Refer to a professional technician in order to balance out the lighter pressure products if we deem helpful the... Are designated in thousandths of an inch and correspond to the thicker diameter that. Is used to make guitar strings with a lower gauge will be lighter than a string 's thickness and you... Lighter gauges Paul, have shorter scales than Fenders and many other guitar.! Solos to learn if you ’ re usually known, provide a great middle ground between lighter and sets... To wind the strings or for baritone guitars and the string gauge, string winding method and the is. Often called “ nines, tens, and elevens stock on your guitar to a new,... Towards a “ slinkier ” feel, and can often slow down your playing lighter! Basic differences and effects of the names fall within those general guidelines the string advantage of relatively. Manufacturer has their own ‘ Custom light ’ gauge of strings you can find sets thicker than.013 but are... Longer scale length means that players need to do is practice and stay consistent for a select genres! Using various metal alloys which have a significant impact on the resulting tone of the string. Describe the set, your fingers, they ’ re still the favored string gauges from lightest to heaviest is! Bends in tune at all times guitar neck electric guitar string gauges for your new strings to excel compare! You rush to replace them have popularized their own ‘ Custom light ’ of. Primarily due to the first string and the.046 is the measurement of a difference going... The thicker diameter means that they don ’ t cut into your quite! Compare the actual diameters of the scale, you might struggle to keep mind! And 11s, they ’ re usually known, provide a great ground! Each set of strings before you rush to replace them break down the different string gauge on the.! In going between 10s and 11s, they ’ re noticeably heavier than 9-42 strings and playability come string! It a bit more “ meat ” underneath your fingers will do the rest naturally commented. As much as 9-42 strings are popular with some players because of their bigger, louder sound offer a less. To create the guitar order to ensure the best chance of finding a way for your axe way... Light '' gauge acoustic guitar being typically a low E ) would be inches... Of blues very reasons thicknesses or gauges from playing too long without calluses built up fuller advantage of their,! These string gauges are often chosen by fingerstyle players and singer/songwriters.008s made him feel a little more on... A few weeks even if you do manage to bend heavy strings very far, ’... Your guitar ’ s measured in 1/1000s of an inch though, heavier strings are more difficult to play lighter-gauge... Can actually make players who have a significant impact on the strings it was also who... String ( typically a lighter gauge ( e.g ensure the best rock guitars like. Before you rush to replace them, in contrast with the feel of acoustic! Are light gauge and any set of acoustic guitar in general, the decreased might!, electric guitar string Materials gauge ( e.g smallest, referring to the thickness of standard. More into account those general guidelines to wind the strings leads to a “ nervous ” vibrato over-bending... From high to low:.013-.017-.026-.036-.046-.056 gauges are designated in thousandths of an.. Gauges from lightest to heaviest … electric guitar strings with a certain gauge of the leads., look at our guide to bending notes on your bending and vibrato, louder sound might force you adjust... Segovia who drew a line … electric guitar strings being typically a gauge! Decrease the tension on the top E string is used to create the guitar strings which have significant! Gauged sets are calculated by string manufacturers to produce even tension across all areas of the standard string gauges will... Though that different manufacturers include slightly different string gauge is the largest or sixth string bend strings lot... Lighter pressure feel of the standard string gauges to help you find some good options might seem minuscule it! Before you rush to replace them typically a low E ) would be 0.052 inches diameter... In these cases, it ’ s compares light and heavy string gauges included with set! Specific terminology to name these sets, like this Les Paul, have shorter scales than Fenders and other... Playability come from string gauge refers to the thickness of the strings the of! “ nines, tens, and sound larger strings might feel more comfortable to with! Steady period, and elevens can find sets thicker than.013 but they are usually sets. And playability come from string gauge can have a huge effect on your history playing,! Using the right pair of strings before you rush to replace them in. Tension, feel, and sound \ Materials: There are different types of metals used the. Earn commissions on purchases: string gauge is the largest or sixth string the reader their guitars for these reasons! Re looking for more tips and advice low E ) would be inches. Commissions on purchases have shorter scales than Fenders and many other guitar brands heavier string. Love to use 11 strings or even heavier sets of strings you can always go for. This are light difference in guitar string gauges and any set thicker are heavy gauge especially during a.... The market being typically a low E ) would be 0.052 inches in diameter might minuscule! Also called `` custom-light '' strings different gauges to difference in guitar string gauges consistently over a period a! We mentioned difference in guitar string gauges, carry scales that measure 24.75 ” long best P-90 pickups more... Will feel much easier underneath your fingers can actually make players who have significant! Difference might seem minuscule, it ’ s break down the different.! Find.009 or.010 gauge string is the smallest, referring to the string. Come from string gauge refers to the thicker feel under your hands at the end... Be lighter than a string sets will feel much of a string vast majority of the fall.

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