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Caribbean Vegan. Plantains are picked when they’re green, they’re fried and then mashed with salt, garlic, broth and olive oil. Turn them into this tropical dessert! The sweet pineapple and creamy coconut give a Caribbean twist to your baking and they make the perfect post-meal treat. Save Nutritionicity Black Beans and Cauliflower Rice 8 1 Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Caribbean. Oh yum!! Contributed by Vegetarians and Vegans from around the world. Pastelón is a Caribbean casserole that is similar to lasagne, except it uses sweet fried plantains instead of pasta.

Jerk chicken is yet another hugely popular Jamaican dish. Don't forgot to squeeze some lime over the top and garnish with further thyme (remove the bay leaf and cinnamon too). Sep 24, 2019 - Plant based recipes from all over the Caribbean with African, Indian, Chinese, European influences.

More vegan Caribbean recipes.

81 Vegan Caribbean Recipes + Bahamas & Bermuda Contributed by Vegetarians and Vegans from around the world 25 Vegan French Patisserie Recipes, Beat the Heat! 1 can Black beans; 1 large head Cauliflower; 3 cloves Garlic, fresh; 1/2 cup Parsley, fresh; 3 tbsp Pickled jalapeno, slices; 1/2 cup Red bell pepper, fresh The come with a sweet and complimentary apricot salsa, whose subtle sweetness works well with the jerk spices. After graduating in Journalism from the University of Greenwich, Lora worked for Sugar and Healing Lifestyles magazines in London before being hired to write about food for Eluxe. They’re like a crab cake, but with a Caribbean flair. Lentil meatballs sit atop linguini pasta, and are tossed in a curry sauce and served alongside a medley of veggies! It’s super healthy, and the perfect tropical side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With the most HappyCow listings per capita out of the entire Caribbean, Aruba is sure to have plenty of options for vegan food. Your email address will not be published. Caribbean cooking is more than just pineapple and coconuts - it's an elaborate cuisine that has been influenced by many different cultures from all over the world. Feeling a bit cold and blue? Fold the pumpkin, mushrooms and sweet potatoes pieces into the pan, don't forget to maneuver/rotate the pan during cooking. Recipe Index. Think of this as ungraded chips and dip, making it the perfect appetizer if you’re having guests over. This delish pudding, otherwise known as cornmeal pone, is a flavourful Jamaican dessert that’s cooked with raisins and spices, and is then topped off with a sweet and creamy coconut custard. 81 Vegan Caribbean Recipes + Bahamas & Bermuda. This recipe is inspired by a Trinidadian crab cake recipe. GazpachoCuba.
This vegan version replaces meat with red lentils, mushrooms and walnuts. Finally sprinkle the green peas along with the scotch bonnet to the pan before covering with foil to steam for 10 minutes. Caribbean Vegan Recipes. It’s a deliciously creamy, rich, cozy drink! This is definitely not your ordinary carry juice. According to locals: t he most fun part of Aruba’s vegan scene is the culture shift that has happened over the past few years. Aruba. It’s a bit messy, it’s very indulgent, and it’s worth every bite! Whether you fancy trying vegan versions of Jamaican patties, arepas or vegan saltfish, I’ve found 30 vegan Caribbean recipes that I’m sure will bring a little sunshine into your life! This wholesome pot of Jamaican Stew Peas is anything but! Vegan Caribbean Feast. Naturally sweetened, they’re pretty healthy, too! 59 Mins or Less; African Appetizers; African Breakfast; …

How vibrant does this look?! How to cook vegan paella (Caribbean style). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Think of it as the sassy cousin of eggnog with a tropical flair. Then add the remaining stock to the pan and leave uncovered for 5 minutes. Perfect for serving with that coleslaw recipe, above. How To’s; 59 Mins or Less; Chicken; Baking; Beverages; Search Recipes… Home / Types / Caribbean Recipes. It’s deliciously creamy, with the perfect blend of fruitiness and vegginess. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. **Don’t forget to comment below and star rate if you have tried my recipes.

Need I say more? This is another vegan version of a hugely popular Jamaican recipe. The Best Caribbean Vegan Recipes To Celebrate West Indian Culture Black beans and cauliflower rice.

Spicy, sticky, sweet and crispy yumminess here! But we’ve ditched the meat and found this vegan alternative that’s just as tasty! In case you’ve never heard of it, callaloo is a staple green leafy vegetable. This vegan recipe uses mock-meat to recreate the famous dish in a cruelty-free fashion, but it’s just as crispy on the outside, and savoury soft on the inside! By using this site you give consent for us to do so. What better alternative for eggs than ackee – the national fruit of Jamaica?

Serve in a wrap, or alternatively make it into a deconstructed burrito bowl. These tasty little tarts are like chewing on a Piña Colada! Perfectly seasoned ackee is encased in flaky, coconut oil pastry and cooked until crisp and golden. It’s creamy, absolutely bursting with flavour, hearty, healthy and it’s one of the easiest of all the vegan Caribbean recipes to make. Serve it up with some rice, beans and avo for a full meal. Caribbean salt fish – but without the fish! It’s sweet, salty and cheesy at the same time. Did you know that many brands of dried coconut milk add Sodium Caseinate, a type of protein derived from milk, to the ingredients? Serve with some rice sprinkled with cilantro and lime to transform this into a heartier meal. Easy! Wow…It is an amazing article to read. The perfect midweek dish to bring the tropics to your kitchen table, and I love the name of this, too! 35 Vegan Avocado Recipes, Magnifique! Add the bomba rice along with the paprika, use a wooden spoon to fully coat/combine the bomba rice with the seasoning and mix through. That Girl Cooks Healthy, The tastiest Caribbean style vegan paella you will ever eat - Dairy free, gluten free, vegan.
Sigh. Although some traditional dishes are heavily meat-based, they’re super easy to make vegan, especially since some of the region’s most popular dishes include lots of plant-based ingredients, such as plantains, bell peppers, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit and coconut. The dough is formed into a cylinder shape and then deep-fried until crispy. If you’re familiar with Bahamian food, then you’ll likely have heard of conch fritters. Coquito, also known as the Puerto Rican coconut nog or eggnog, is a thick and creamy holiday drink that is made primarily with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, rum, and spices. It’s often cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme and scotch bonnet pepper. I learned something interesting from this site, too. Did you enjoy this post? The flavours of the Caribbean truly shine in this salad, and it’s the perfect side dish to serve up at a BBQ. Squeeze some lime onto it for some extra tang, and make it as spicy – or not – as you like! High Protein Vegan Caribbean Feast. These cookies do not store any personal information. Above: Jamaican mango stew. 25 Raw Vegan Recipes for Summer. Can’t find it in your local supermarket? It contains zero cholesterol, no saturated fats and is high in fibre, potassium, vitamin C, zinc and iron. Doubles is a common street food that originates in Trinidad and Tobago. This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission. Narrow It Down . The greens are blended smooth in this recipe to make a sauce to serve with the cakes. The cheesiness comes from a quick and easy vegan … This dish apparently came to the Caribbean via Africa, and each household makes these fried fritters their own way.

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