goten and bulla

Later on the night Bulla and Marron were getting everything ready for their night they were gathering snacks , drinks , movies , games you know the usual. Goten: Yeah, but what if he doesn't? When they arrived... the nurses took them to their room, and bulla changed and layed down on a bed... she would get into the water when the baby was closer to comeing. Trunks stared at goten then at his sister and then back at goten. Bulla started to cry. She shouted quietly "S-Sorry that's my fault" I rubbed the back of my head "I kinda squealed which woke Trunks up aha ha ha" I laughed awkwardly Bulla sighed "its alright Marron maybe next time lets gets some sleep now" I nodded as we went inside.

Soon the next 4 months had gone by pretty fast. Dinner was very silent and awkward... then bulla spoke up. It was nearly 4:00 am when noticed Bulla wasn't laying besides me I sat up and looked out to the balcony where I noticed two dark figures 'oh my kami its Bulla and Goten' I thought I squealed and accidentally woke up Trunks "ha? Marron simply giggled while Goten looked a bit frightened. As goten finished his sentance, they had arrived at bullas house. She sat there for a while looking down at her stomach. She then stood up and grabbed her pillow and put it under her shirt and looked in the mirror. Soon bulma had entered her room... bulma knew what was happening. Bulma: Fine... but after dinner... i WILL tell him!.

that for sure would get rid of the baby!

Should i tell them? You are My sister... And I wont let you do this! My dad WILL kill you!

He pounded on the door several times until goku answerd the door.

i have to go, i think my mom is coming. The doctor said that the baby could come any day now, that got bulla excited and scared... her mom told her that it hurt really badly. As chichi continued yelling, and goku continued staring, Vegeta started trying to kill goten.

Bulma and vegeta and chichi and 18 were staring wide eyed. Bulla: Yeah sure... what is it? Soon is stomach started feeling sick. he was about walk over to her when vegeta came into the room and helped her up... "okay... thought trunks...i will wait till dad leaves." Bulla begun pushing she was almost screaming with pain, when all of a sudden her hair turned a yellowinsh blond color and A bright light filled the room... bulla had gone ssj! I sighed 'I'll ask her in the morning maybe or I don't know ugh this I frustrating !

ChiChi: WHAT? Shouted Trunks annoyingly I got frustrated and hit him over the head "SHUT UP IDIOT YOU'RE ANNOYING ME ALREADY!" I looked over at Trunks who was on the floor rubbing his head while Bulla shouted at him I giggled and couldn't help but notice Goten a bit scared. Goten's appearance as a child is very similar to Goku's childhood look, including messy, unkempt hair, same eye color, lighter-pale complexion and a playful face. She had heard a water birth eased some of the pain... that is what she decided to do.

Your review has been posted. I tried to remain calm and cool but the I noticed Marron looking at me she smiled and mouthed 'Its all gonna be perfect' I simply nodded and smiled feeling confident. trunks came back into the room and picked up the remaining glass and started drinking it... but stoped when he realized that it had a weird taste to it.

Everyone was shocked.

Bulma was sure bulla was pregnant... she had been acting weird for a few weeks now... she had been eating stuff like pickles with ice cream... also her stomach had grew just a tiny bit from the developing baby.

No Matter what it takes! said bulla as she stared down at small box inside of a plastic bag. For bulla, everytime she went to school someone had to stare or laugh at her. they were about 5 minutes appart. soon bulla had gotten into the water.

Bulma: You have been acting weird lately... also you have been eating more... are... you... pregnant? 'My best friend and my sister could it be?

I Want A Donut Now But Ill Just Stick To Brownies For Now ^_^ Mmmm Brownies :3 <33, Well Loves Ill Post The Next Chapter Later On Or Tomorrow Bye Lovesss <333, Don't Forget To Follow / Comment / Vote Muah Byee :*. Summary: It's been a month after what happened between Goten and Bulla.

Do You Know How Cruel That Is?

Bulma: Bulla? He also wears a similar orange gi to Goku's, minus the kame symbol along with a dark blue long-sleeved undershirt and black training shoes with dark blue shin guards in the Majin Buu Arc.

I dont think we should be friends anymore... you are a bad roll model... Bff: Im talking about all of your friends including me... We just dont want to hang out with someone who just goes off and gets pregnant with some random dudes baby! When bulla does IT with goten she finds out she is pregnant... trunks doesn't like the idea of his sister being pregnant... so he tries to get rid of the baby... what will happen? please dont tell him! I shouted "TRUNKS!" He brought two glassed of water out into the living room... one glass had abortion pills in it and the other was plain water.

Bulla didnt seem like she was going to tell anyone soon, so bulma decided to ask. soon ChiChi came into the room.

he put both glasses infrot of bulla.

said Goten. Gotens eyes were wide and tears of pain were in his eyes.
Just you wait untill your father hears! she looked up... it was goten. A short while later Bulla was pacing in her room... it took a minute for the test to be ready.

He was yelling at her... but then he stoped and said... vegeta look at bulla angrilly... then he left the room and bulla heard the front door slam. im was getting really thirsty!

Kami why is love so complicated I wish I could just tell her how feel I'm such a pussy when it comes to these things , but what if she doesn't feel the same way?'

Bulla's Point of View

atleast wait till after dinner!

bulla picked up a glass of water... but she put it back down and picked up the other one nd took a big sip of water. he would help her up then "accidentally" push her down onto her stomach! soon the bulla went back to normal... and there was the sound of a baby crying. vegeta saw goten and pushed past goku and started yelling at him. What if I trip and fall on my face !!? Hey Guys This Is A Bulla & Goten Love Story It's My First Time Writing Fan Fiction But Hey Guys Its Not Just Love It Has Action Too So Check It Out ^.<.

Marron Point of View.

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