heirloom tomato tart puff pastry

So excited to see [and taste] how it turns out! Buy Now, What's Gaby Cooking: Crisp puff pastry, savory herbed cheese, luscious ripe tomatoes & chopped fresh herbs make this Heirloom Tomato Tart a perfect side dish or appetizer. Since the tomatoes came from an instacart order, I did not select them myself and am not sure even what part of the country or world they came from (seeing how it’s not technically tomato season). Slide the pastry (on the parchment) onto a baking sheet. On another clean cutting board, slice tomatoes and find a drinking glass that has the same circumference as the tomato. if you’re just storing it for a day or two, I’d go fridge and then re-heat in a toaster oven or microwave before eating! All those beautiful heirloom tomatoes practically cry out to turn some humdrum recipe into a masterpiece. Be careful not to cut through the entire puff pastry. Top with sliced tomatoes in a pleasing arrangement. Could it be that I did not slice the tomatoes thinly enough? Heirloom Tomato Tart Recipe | Trisha Yearwood | Food Network Chef // Globe Trotter / California Girl This does look too beautiful to eat, but that won’t stop me!! WGC product line carried exclusively at Williams Sonoma, What's Gaby Cooking On parchment paper, roll one 9 x 9 piece of puff pastry to approximately 9 x 12 inches. Your email address will not be published. Bake for 20-30 minutes until pastry edge is golden and crisp. It’s such a beautiful and yummy recipe. Use the opening of the glass to cut circular shapes out of the dough. Arrange the cherry tomato halves, sliced tomatoes, pancetta and cheese evenly on top of the pastry rectangle. Then using a fork prick the whole center of the puff pastry numerous times. So, I’ll be making it with mozz. I’ve wanted to make a nice heirloom tomato tart for a couple years now. After a nearly forgotten failure last year (all evidence beyond a few cryptic notes has vanished), this year I decided to keep things simple. To create a border on the tart, trace a 1/2 inch border on the outside of the puff pastry, slicing halfway through the puff pastry. All the while thanking the forces who moved us from half-ripe, hot house tomatoes to blushing, farm-fresh heirlooms. It’s such a cool trick! Buy Now. Spread evenly over the cooled crust. Using a knife "score" a ¼"-½" border being careful not to full slice thru the puff pastry. I’m so glad we are still in tomato season here, and I think this will be Sunday evening’s supper after the market! Pre baling the puff pastry does help. My tart is in the oven right now. 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh chives, 12 ounces assorted small heirloom tomatoes, halved. Easy peasy. Meanwhile, combine the cream cheese, sour cream, lemon zest, lemon juice, sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and pepper to taste in a large bowl and beat with a mixer on medium speed until smooth; stir in the chives. Arrange the tomatoes on top; season with salt and pepper and top with more chives. What astonishes me, and vexes my spouse, is I may never make it the same way twice. I am making several appetizers for a group of ladies and would love to make this! Because I’m obsessed with color coordinating everything to cross my path, that’s what we did here! With a small sharp knife, score about a half inch from the pastry edge all around to form your border. It was so beautiful I didn’t want anyone to touch it – but that only lasted about 3 minutes and then I went for it! There is a simple but effective technique of scoring inside the edge to allow it to puff up into a crust. All rights reserved. Remove from oven and top with fresh chopped herbs. sometimes if i have extra juicy tomatoes, I will slice them, place them on a paper towel to soak up and excess liquid and THEN use!! Flaky crust made of puff pastry topped with all sorts of heirloom tomatoes from the market! did you use feta or goat cheese? Season the tomato slices slightly and place them on a wire rack, lined with parchment paper. Amazon #1 Best Seller Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Unfold the puff pastry onto a floured piece of parchment paper and roll out into a 9-by-11-inch rectangle. You can customize this tart with your favorite toppings. Your email address will not be published. Just roll out a sheet of puff pastry and top with herbed cheese and sliced tomatoes. Daaaang, major tomato envy. Score 1/2 inch in from the edge, all the way around, using a paring knife.

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