how to make sofa

Q: What changes have you seen in technology over the course of your career? N: I enjoy all of it. You just have to make a few modifications to a regular couch slipcover to make it fit over the reclining sections and you have to cover those sections so that they stay put when the couch is reclined. 3 THINGS TO DO BEFORE STARTING A HOME PROJECT. Our Portuguese factory lies on the outskirts of Porto, in Pacos de Ferreira, the heartland of manufacturing, known as “Furniture Capital”. That would have been a lot better option. Hi there! I was never going to be happy with one aspect of furniture making as I wanted to learn how to make furniture from start to finish. WEARING THE LONGEST NAILS FOR 24 HOURS – Gi... Rex Orange County - Loving is Easy (feat. To hem the edges of the slipcover, measure from the floor up and pin into place. Q: Have you worked in other parts of the industry? Turn the slipcover right side out and enjoy your updated sofa. Add Velcro to the back of the slipcover to be able to remove the cover from the sofa. They are likely just batting or foam underneath which should stick better to the canvas and help lose some slip. Again, thanks for the wonderful tutorial and I hope I can use it as a resource again for another future project! Modern outdoor sofas can be quite expensive and this project can provide a more affordable alternative. Hi Megan, Here I am struggling at 4am in the morning. To make a slipcover for a leather couch was a little tricky because the fabric would move around more as I was trying to pin things together. At the beginning of the 20th century, a school teacher from Pacos de Ferreira, Portugal built furniture which was used in schools across the country. As far as designers go, Piet Hein Eek is a Dutch up-cycle furniture king. Wash the fabric and create a sewing station by the sofa. The management side of things was never really something I thought I would be involved with, but it’s been a natural progression which I’ve embraced and enjoyed. Place velcro fabric piece 1/2″ down from where you started your baste stitch and pin into place (make sure you are not pinning to the back of the piece of fabric but the side piece). I’m also hoping to visit some nice vintage stores and markets soon.

Sew pieces together as you go along. A vintage furniture market is my happy place. No Spam here. I have thought to use something to hold the fabric into place on the back of the couch but I have not done anything about it yet. Save money by making a sofa slipcover to go over your current sofa. If you enjoyed this blog, you might find the. I was fortunate enough to see both designer’s work in person when I was living in Holland. Thanks for stopping by. Drap fabric over sections of the sofa to create a template of what needs to be cut. What’s so great about this modern sofa is that you don’t have to do much cutting because there are no arms or back. My new cover is a blue canvas, we wanted a gray but we fell in love with this blue piece. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. For the last 13-14″ baste stitch (just a wider stitch) until you reach the bottom. I started learning about upholstery at college, but as soon as my course finished, I worked in factories for free to learn how to make furniture on the job - it was great fun, I have a lot of great memories from that time. I used a grey Minwax wood stain to finish it.Follow us on Instagram to see what we’re working on next!Ben: Adventurous Boy Taste Tests Variety Of Food. interesting or sign up to our weekly lifestyle email which is more of the same. I was fortunate enough to see both designer’s work in person when I was living in Holland. Then trim corner by the folded edge, this will give the fabric a point after it is turned. Porto is a small, historic city, so easy it’s to explore - you have the Douro river, a lot of coastline and some amazing sunsets. And your “new” sofa looks fabulous. N: It all started when I was twenty living in South Africa, I was fascinated with vintage furniture and I wanted to learn how to make my own. Check your email for details. Carpenters from the area then began making furniture for the home, which resulted in the creation of a furniture making industry in the area.

Step 1: The Plan. Porto is a small, historic city, so easy it’s to explore - you have the Douro river, a lot of coastline and some amazing sunsets. From carpentry I became a team leader which led to a quality control manager.

Seafood, Meat and more. I would love to see your couch. To start here are the supplies I used. I kind of run out of time to make some pallet wood furniture, but this still did the trick nicely and plus I have them left now to do something exciting with. I then moved to London where I spent three years working as a loose cover tailor. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. So, we sat down with Nick, our full-time product development lead to understand what it’s like building sofas day-in-day-out: N: Essentially, my role at Swyft is to bring the designer’s idea and drawings to life.

Make this DIY sofa with built in chaise lounge to create the best seating on a budget. Full instructions here: Ben on Instagram for project updates: got all of the leather supplies from Tandy Leather.we used one and a half Serengeti whole hides in gold used 1/4\" grommets to reinforce the holes foam for the cushions was from: ordered the following: Cushion, Lux Foam - High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP Dimensions: 3\" x 24\" x 66\" and Dimensions: 3\" x 18\" x 66\" Here is what my slipcover looks like inside out after sewing all the pieces together. Q: What makes a good sofa over a bad sofa? Sew pieces and test fit with the cover inside out. is a Dutch up-cycle furniture king. I still wish I would have added piping to the arms. sewing the cushions with a zipper enclosure. You can print the material list and instructions below.

A vintage furniture market is my happy place. I learnt a lot and I’m very thankful for my time there, it was like a furniture University for me. Create one in the color and fabric of your choice to get a … I really wish I could have removed the cushions like Honey Bear Lanes tutorial,  but my cushion was really attached to the couch and this would have taken a lot of work. I then moved to factory floor manager and production manager. N: In upholstery nothing beats the well trained hands of bespoke upholsterers, so I don't think we will be replaced by machines just yet.

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