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Why not stop here for a coffee before heading out for sightseeing? It seems to be full of pretty places! Once you’ve enjoyed a drink or two on the Cais da Ribeira side of the river, it’s time to cross another iconic Porto landmark, that being the Dom Luis I Bridge that connects the Ribeira area to Porto Gaia on the opposite side. Capela das Almas – more pretty blue tiles, Church of Santa Clara (Igreja de Santa Clara), Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, Gaia – hill above Douro River, Passeio das Virtudes – grab a beer and watch the sunset, São João National Theater (Teatro Nacional São João) –, Virtudes Garden – great views of the city. But Harry Potter inspired stories, is not the only reason to visit. Now, you may be wondering, what makes this train station so special that it has to be featured on my list of what to see in Porto. If you’re wanting to book a fine dining experience at the restaurant, then visit their website, where you’ll be able to submit your booking request. At the top of this avenue stands the Town Hall which is a grand building with a tall bell tower. In this list you will also find things to see and to eat in this vibrant city. You can also check out the museum and climb the tower for views of the city. Some of the best places to see azulejo tiles in Porto includes: Capela das Almas, Sao Bento railway station and Igreja do Carmo, but here is a list with some fantastic locations. Your visit won’t be complete without tasting a little Porto wine in Porto. Porto wine was a regular table wine at first, still with its varieties depending on the “terroirs” and year and ways of production. The overall architectural complex is considered a National Monument. They go through many of the landmarks of the city, and you can skip lots of uphill walking. The highlight of the visit is the Arab Room decorated in exotic Moorish Revival style. At the end of the Avenue you’ll find the imposing Town Hall building. Each shop here claims to have its “own secret sauce” recipe. Address – Praça da Liberdade 126, 4000-322 Porto. The Things To Do in Porto Portugal. His design is still in place, and there are fountains and allegorical sculptures to the seasons. Serralves Museum & Villa / Fundacao de Serralves, InterContinental Porto / Palacio das Cardosas. It has a refined atmosphere with a Parisian style and Art Noveau design. There are normally four or five on at the same time for present and past luminaries of modern and contemporary art, from Joan Miró to Liam Gillick. Here are the best things to do in Porto, including must see Porto attractions, museums and tips for your visit. If you prefer someone to plan your day(s) in Porto, then you can check these guided tours for ideas. Even the McDonald’s blends in. Cafe Santiago – eat their famous Francesinha. The Douro has travelled almost 900 kilometres from its source in Castile and León to reach the Atlantic at Porto. All whilst admiring all the ornate furniture, wood carved interiors, mirrors and chandeliers. Your email address will not be published. Each glass of white rose, black, was equally enjoyable. It’s definitely one of the most recognizable landmarks. You can visit the tower, the museum, and the adjusting church. Only because the queue to buy the entrance tickets is up the road and could have even longer queues than the actual bookstore queue. Facebook. We like both but tend to walk a lot and take breaks every few hours, sitting in small cafes or anything that attracts our sight as “interesting”. There is an airport near Porto (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport), so that is an option in case you want to start your trip in Portugal from Porto. A great place to take the family on your trip to Porto with kids. After that you could board the Funicular dos Guindais to get down to the waterside. We drove to Porto, and finding a place to leave our car was not easy. These gardens were devised to complement that palace and were landscaped by the German Émile David. In case you are staying in Lisbon or somewhere between Porto and Lisbon, there are different options, train included. Wander around to the apse to ponder the long lancet windows and then head back to the main facade where an ornate portal is crested by a lovely rose window. Consider taking the cable car ride that travels from the riverfront all the way along it and up to the top end of the Dom Luis I bridge, where you’ll get to enjoy some stunning panoramic views overlooking Porto. Sounds like something from Game of Thrones, but not related at all.

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