power rack with pulley

Looking at the other view, you see that this particular rectangle is a 2x8 that is cut to 37.5" (this is due to the true dimensions of a 2x8 being 1.5"x7.25"). This bar acts as a spotter. 2 home made Plat forms. $2,274.00. 150 lbs – 2x 2” Olympic Plate Posts (one on each side) – 2 J-hooks bar catches – 1x Pull Up Bar – 11- gauge 2”x 3” Steel Tube construction and 2” diameter bars – Wall Mounted. Each of our team are fitness enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, or former gym owners. Consequently offering you more exercise options than any other add-on. 12 gauge steel is 7/16 (.109375) inches or 2.778 millimeters thick and is more than strong enough for the most advanced bodybuilder or powerlifter. This enables the user to use heavier weights without a spotter and without the movement restrictions imposed by other fitness machines such as the smith machine, or many other cable-operated weight machines. Items 1-24 of 61. There are many types of workout benches. The small amount you pay extra now will pay off tenfold in years to come. The Fitness Reality X-Class is one of the strongest light commercial power racks available for your home gym. – Footprint: 21.5” D or 41.5”D x 50”W x 91”H – Weight: approx. What do you think? If you are low on cash or on a budget, or simply don’t need anything over a 300-pound max capacity rack, then the half power rack may be a good option for you. Great for compound and isolation exercises for both upper and lower body and even core muscles, the cable pulley offers you more exercise variations. Both designs easily fold together when not in use, and extend approximately 4”-5” from the wall (not including wood stringers). This open full-cage design boasts a heavy-duty 12-gauge, 3 inches welded steel frame. These power racks are heavy-duty, very strong and sturdy and can withstand weight limits of up to 1500 pounds. With the added pulley tower, you can now add a lat machine to your rack. NEW: The Vanswe OLYMPIC Power Rack is a great pick for those who need a heavy-duty 1000 lb maximum weight capacity rack. The frame of this rack is made from 2 inches by 2-inch steel and has 17 positions for the bar supports and safety catches ranging from 17 and 1/2 inches all the way to 68 inches. 2 sets of American Weightlifting Oly Competition Plates ( 2 x 25s, 2 x 20s, 2 x 15s, 2 x 10s and full change plates). Some will have extra features. Marcy Power Rack and Bench: Complete over 30 strength training exercises with the Marcy Power Rack and Bench PM-3800. You may have noticed that some of the photos on our website are similar to some of the photos on other websites. There are many factors to consider when finding the best fitness power rack for your particular workout goals and workspace. Another aspect to consider and related to width space is the added room needed to compensate your barbell. Another great investment and very affordable is the barbell squat pad. Model. This means the rectangle represents a board that measures 7.25"x37.5". Lowes and Home Depot don't carry these specialty items. The maximum weight capacity for the bar catcher inside the cage is 500 lbs and 650 lbs outside the cage. 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