realistic eye drawing step by step

Blend the skin on the forehead first. Remembering the three-dimensional shape of the eye, curve these strokes slightly in line with the roundness of the eyeball (hover your mouse over the image). Cross the eyebrow line a bit, so that in the next steps you’re able to smooth the transition between these areas. Don’t worry about their visibility – we’ll grow eyelashes out of them later! This corner is the outer corner of the eye. Same with the area above the crease-brow line. As a final touch, let’s add more skin texture. The transition between both shades in the outer corner isn’t very smooth – as soon as the light hits the lower lid it becomes brighter than the upper one. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. However, I do own that one stump that’s already had enough and I can damage it a little bit more. Let’s begin with erasing the outer line on the lower rim almost completely with a kneaded eraser. I use Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper for most of my drawings. Using a 6B pencil, fill in the pupil. Can you see all the brighter parts? (Hover over the image to see what I mean). Make their length irregular, so the shadow looks realistic. Add more shadows/highlights where you think the drawing could use more contrast. Draw eyelashes. If you want to make your eyes look like it has applied makeup, eyelid color (eye shadow effect), and darken the edges just below the eyelashes (eyeliner effect). Otherwise, draw a wiggly circle around the pupil. While I had the eraser in my hand, I also added some highlights around the waterline and on the eyeball. Draw a slightly curved curve. Realism is not about skill – it’s about attention to detail. This eraser can be molded into any shape. Remember to wear out and tilt your pencil for that. We will have a link alternate agreement among us. This is the top edge of the eye. I overlayed this picture with the one from the previous step to help you see the changes I applied. If your goal is to create a hyperrealistic eye drawing, the next 4 steps are crucial – we’ll draw a detailed iris. Above the eyebrow, as well as below it. So don’t follow my example here. I made the shadows on the left side more prominent to increase depth on my drawing. As you can see, I was a little too sloppy with my cross-hatching, and now the strokes are pretty visible. Add a bit more shadow in the corner (ball shading!). Do whatever you want here. You can fill them in or not. I chose this one because the eye in it is wide open and you can see the entire iris which makes explaining some steps easier. First, you may want to roll your kneaded eraser on the drawing a couple of times to make the sketch less visible. I have both. Learn to draw a realistic eye, narrated step by step for beginners. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your Just bump them into the surface of your eye drawing. How to draw eyes step by step Sketch a simple eye outline. Be sure to look at them from a slightly different angle and see if they’re more or less round. That’s the one I use most often. Blend everything with a stump and a brush if you have one. In the eye, the black has to be defined by the shade of the pupil and the white – by the brightness of the light reflection on the eyeball. Next, fill the upper rim with a darker tone than the lower one. Look at how the shape of the lashes changes on the eye outline. If you’re using a different reference picture where the brow is brighter, you may want to make your strokes softer. Begin with the brighter parts and continue towards the dark corner. I usually choose to ignore them – one bigger spot is enough – it makes the eye pop and keeps the drawing clean. All rights reserved.

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