sentinel ultrasonic bird and pigeon repeller

A. It's weatherproof so you can use it anywhere in your yard. Ultrasonic sound is directional, very much like a torch beam. The ultrasonic bird repeller produces a pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound, similar to a siren but silent to humans, which a bird perceives as extremely unpleasant and therefore avoids the area being protected by the Sentinel deterrent. The electronic deterrents work very well, but when dealing with nature, it’s not always possible to get the result you would ideally like. No. Importantly, the ultrasonic repeller has to be pointing at the area to want to protect. ... pests from costing you time and money. And because the frequency of the ultrasonic unit is adjustable, it can also be made to repel rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, cats, badgers etc, Please note that the Sentinel deterrent can only be set to repel one animal type at a time. When it rains, the speaker that is facing upwards will fill with water and prevent the sound getting out. + If you want to protect your garden at ground level, ideally you would position the device a few feet off the ground pointing slightly downwards. Can I set the device for different species of bird? Q. It has 4 speakers that send ultrasonic sound 150ft in 3 different directions. We’ve sold the ultrasonic deterrent to Salmon fisheries in Scotland for keeping wild Mink away. Trouble is, some devices work, others are either ineffective or have serious drawbacks. What creatures will the Sentinel deter? Does the sound travel through 360 degrees? It's hugely effective with a massive 150ft (50mtr) range in each … It's extremely effective with a huge 50 Mtr (150 ft) range. No. It is 100% waterproof for all year round outside use. The Sentinel is a commercial grade, very powerful ultrasonic bird and Pigeon repeller / deterrent with an adjustable frequency for fine tuning to match the hearing of your target pest. Here’s a recommended piece of ultrasonic pest repelling hardware: Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with Motion Sensor. Will the repeller stop birds flying over my car or garden? If I put the repeller in the garden, will it affect my pet dog, cat etc? The list of pests is very extensive. Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller. And because it is mains powered, the Sentinel is always working, giving protection 24/7. One has a single speaker and the sound travels in only one direction. A. Q. The next effective bird repellent sound that I would love … The Yard Sentinel offers innovative pest repelling technology that repels pest birds and animals by targeting their main senses: the four predator sounds target hearing and the ultrasonic sound targets feel. It’s a subtle and gentle approach to pest control. Sound will not travel through a solid barrier (wall, fence, hedge, roof etc). Often the mounting position is a compromise between what would be ideal and what is possible. The Sentinel repellers are not an invisible glass wall or futuristic ray gun. FREE cleaning fluid FREE steel basket. A bikers guide to buying an ultrasonic cleaner for carburettors, How to use an Ultrasonic Cleaner - a guide and FAQ's. The frequency is adjustable which means it can be fine tuned for most animal. Can I place the device on the ground and point it vertically upwards? Many customers plug the ultrasonic repeller into a timer which is set to operate either in daylight hours for repelling cats, dogs or after dark for nocturnal pests such as Badger and Fox. The main reason why the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller stands head and shoulders above other models is because the frequency is adjustable. If using outdoors, the plug-in mains power adaptor MUST be plugged into a mains socket inside a building and never exposed to dampness or moisture. The single speaker unit weight 700 grams. The Sentinel bird repeller is made in the UK using German components. But a little planning where best to position the ultrasonic deterrent can make a huge difference in its effectiveness. Can I Use Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in an Ultrasonic Cleaner? The other sentinel unit has a speaker pointing to the left, two pointing to the front and one pointing to the right. Each repeller will cover up to 4,000 square feet. We get asked many questions about the Sentinel ultrasonic bird | pigeon | cat | fox | badger repeller and I hope the answers shown below are helpful. The larger 4 speaker unit weights 1000 grams. The frequency is adjustable which means it can be fine tuned for most animal.  + if your pet is inside the house, then no, it will not be affected. It is effective in repelling Badgers, Foxes, Cats, Dogs, Seagulls, Pigeons and garden birds. No. A. To help sort things out, the bird control pros at Bird B Gone have a number of suggestions, starting with bird control devices that are less than ideal. Get the latest special offers & news by signing up for our newsletter. Unlike the lower priced battery operated models, this powerful ultrasonic repeller requires a 240v mains power supply. © Copyright 2009-2020 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Ltd All rights reserved, Sentinel Ultrasonic bird and pigeon repeller, Shop All Ultrasonic cleaner by function », Shop All Bandelin ultrasonic (German) », Shop All Misc ultrasonic applications ». Carburettor ultrasonic cleaning fluid - how to mix it. Can I position the repeller inside the loft and point it upwards? We’ve sold the ultrasonic deterrent to Salmon fisheries in Scotland for keeping wild Mink away. A. Q. The user can very easily adjust the sound to get the optimum effect for the animal you are targeting. No. A. If your pets are outdoors and in the area where the repeller is located, then yes, they will be able to hear it. If you've been plagued by pest birds pooping all over your signage, AC units, skylights and solar panels, its time you looked into some bird control devices. It's extremely effective with a huge 50 Mtr (150 ft) range. Q. I don’t want Rooks, Pigeons or Starlings in the garden, but I do want Robins, Chaffinches, Blue Tits etc. What is the best place to position the Sentinel repeller? There are Sentinel repellers used in India for keeping nuisance Monkeys away from domestic properties. We sell two variations of the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller. Birds fly at high speed and by the time they hear the sound, they will be out of the zone. The Sentinel is a commercial grade, very powerful ultrasonic bird and Pigeon repeller / deterrent with an adjustable frequency for fine tuning to match the hearing of your target pest. Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to make liposomal vitamin C. Unfortunately a bird is a bird. Secondly, leaves on trees act as a filter and in summer the ultrasonic sound won’t be able to penetrate much beyond the first few branches. A. The name alone is enough to scare the most annoying of pests, and sure enough, the product lives up to its name. Bird Control Australia is your reliable supplier of bird repeller and pest control products. You can’t stop a bird from flying overhead or even landing in your garden, but you can deter it from hanging around once it lands. The Yard Sentinel allows you to target specific outdoor pests like bats, pigeons, magpies, cats, rodents, possums, rabbits, and more! This give about 300 degrees of coverage. Q. I have pigeons on the roof. No. A. Q. I have birds / Pigeons in a tree.

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