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However, Shion's natural powers were so great her mother feared that, if Shion was corrupted, she could become a threat even worse than Mōryō. Tsubasa gives Shion her answer. Then a group visits Tsubasa's father's restaurant. Nezumi himself openly admits that he fears Shion, and Inukashi picks up on this as well. Shion was born to the priestess of the Land of Demons, Miroku, and inherited the gift of predicting the future; this gift was proven to be very accurate, which led many people to shun her in fear, leaving her isolated and lonely, with only her mother to comfort and accompany her. The new member who comes to replace him is somewhat unexpected. Ami, meanwhile, makes a choice. Mōryō then enters the shrine, as the barrier Shion set around them disappeared, since she didn't have enough power to hold it up for long. She has pale lavender eyes and light blonde hair that falls past her waist, which she keeps tied at the end with a bow. They began to escort her to the shrine in the Land of Swamps. After IncidentViolet (novel)Red (manga and anime), No. He has an amazing IQ level, proven by his acceptance into the Special Course and ability to treat and stitch up the bullet wound in Nezumi's shoulder at only age twelve. His mother owned a bakery shop, and Shion worked for the city until he was arrested for suspected murder (in the anime, it's for doubting the system). Safu had been Shion's best friend since they were children. Mōryō disposes of Yomi's body and throws it at Shion, frightening her. Shohei heads into the recording studio. But Wada comforts Risako's heartbroken feelings. He lived with his mother in an upscale home in Chronos until the age of 12, when he was stripped from his title for helping Nezumi, a fugitive, escape. Shun enters the bath with Noah. She easily disposes of them with her Mystic Bell. The next day, Yui and Kaito go grocery shopping. Due to this, as well as being pampered for her whole life, Shion has low stamina, and needed to be carried long distances by other more able people. He's not easily angered; however, he isn't above becoming violent when his loved ones are threatened. Living in the city of No.6 he is found by Nezumi fleeing from the authorities when they were children. All of this was a vision though, and Mōryō nearly devoured her. Since Terrace House shion okamoto could be working only as a model now. Takayuki takes Ami to a breathtaking cafe, while Tsubasa's confidence takes a hit after hearing about Shion's ex. Naruto, not realising that Shion was asking him to have a child with her, agreed. Almost immediately, Noah and Mayu head out on a date. The mission Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Sakura were given began then. Wada is infatuated with Risako and tries to impress her with lunch. The team continues to head toward the shrine, and while doing so, the Gang of Four attacks once again. *Age when they first joined Terrace House. After a soldier shielded Shion from many ninja tools, Naruto came to her rescue. Shion, at first, acted very selfishly towards everyone, believing that she was far more important than anyone — as shown by her lack of care for anyone around her, even her dedicated followers. Sota invites Maya to a beer factory. When he was two years old, he was accepted into No. Such things were when they had to move around a steep mountain, complaining how uncomfortable Sakura's back was when they were being attacked, or demanding for food only to throw it onto the ground when it did not suit her taste. Shohei prepares an event for the other members. Shion is a fanmade Vocaloid series made by Shigamuri Nana, the founder of the YouTube page KaminariEnterprise... Every day I want to suck a 10 incher but god has not granted me with the skills of talking. When she releases her power and transforms, her skin gains red markings, her hair turns pink and stands on the end. Shion then sees a light within Mōryō's presence which was her Mother's power.

6 Elite Chronos Citizen (before stripped privileges), Qw-55142 (after he loses his Gifted Curriculum status). Shion answers a question about Tsubasa, and then it's New Year's. Despite his nature, if someone or something he loves is in danger, he does not hesitate to save them. That evening, snuggled under a blanket... One evening, Aio takes Yui to a bar and says he likes her... Risako continues to be absent from the House due to work. The two are very protective over each other and Shion will do just about anything he can to save Nezumi. Aged 19 to 31, they've got one thing in common: they'll be living together in a beautiful town. Moreover Wada invites Risako to a live (event) and then... Wada shares his feelings with Risako.

At that time, he was a model but also doing part-time works. 6, also known as the Lost Town. Although she seemed to care romantically for him, he doesn't seem to reciprocate her feelings (his uncomfortability at her advances also points to him being gay). As the escort began, she was put on Sakura's back. Shion ultimately saw her mother die when she sealed Mōryō away. Shohei makes plans to ask Seina to date him, and Aya asks Shohei for a favor. It is heavily suggested that Shion has romantic feelings for Nezumi. Mōryō comes for the finishing blow, though Naruto was defended by a shield. 6 ID bracelet on his left wrist. The two of them go on a date in Karuizawa. Shion wakes up with a shock after seeing a vision of Naruto Uzumaki, and his "death" by Mōryō's hand. Who is worried? Shion has a habit of pulling his hair when he's anxious or stressed. In the face of Ami's cold attitude, Takayuki starts to regrow his mustache. Shion's ID number is Qw-55142 after he loses his Gifted Curriculum status. Aya and Yui grow suspicious about Seina and Noah, and Yui tries to interrogate Seina about it. Risako becomes more and more attracted to Wada and is invited out on a date. Two new members arrive: aspiring pilot Noah and Karuizawa native, Yui. The first one is to seal away demons, at which she has been training for in her entire life, though she had no idea that the seal's usage was to release Mōryō and allow him to rein free. Shohei takes Seina out on a birthday dinner. Shohei prepares for an album release show in Shibuya, then ask Yui for some local tips. When Ami and Takayuki go snowboarding, she tells him something very intriguing. Shion excels in his school studies with his friend Safu. Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Japanese: テラスハウス オープニング ニュー ドアーズ, Hepburn: Terasu Hausu Ōpuningu Nyū Doāzu) is a Japanese reality television series in the Terrace House franchise set in Karuizawa of the Nagano prefecture in Japan. When Shion was twelve years old, he wore a white shirt with a light turquoise button up sweater vest over it, light brown trousers, dark brown shoes and his No. A blue cloth hovers behind her and covers her arms. He is slim, but not quite emaciated. Risako confronts Yui about Aio's shocking confession. When she opened her eyes, a strange and unknown dōjutsu was seen. In the underground cave, Sasori calls Shion a "demon.". Two new members arrive including a professional football player who is deemed a pretty good talker. Both have put their lives on the line for each other, with Shion actually dying in the anime, though Elyurias' spirit grants him a second chance. Seina returns from a trip to Korea looking somewhat different. Three new members join the House: skateboarder Kaito, student Maya and company employee Sota. With the tournament over, Tsubasa has time to think about her next steps -- including her reply to Shion. This maddens Naruto, though he sets Shion straight. As the priestess of the Land of Demons, Shion was born with two gifts. When he was restrained to his own bed by Nezumi, rendered motionless, he seemed fascinated rather than scared of his acquaintance's ability. One evening, Aio announces a shocking fact.

When Nezumi returns home in the manga Shion.

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