superman vs brainiac part 4

It is then when Superman discovers that the only cure for Lois' condition is to obtain a chemical substance, known as Argonium 44, from the Phantom Zone. however she begins to lose her memory. She presumes him to be Clark, but Superman, (having changed his mind for her safety) tells her he is just Superman. Previous Issue He discovers the noise is a Brainiac drone, sent to locate Superman. Batman/Superman When Luthor came to the antarctic to find and reactivate a dormant Brainiac, the Coluan intelligence wrapped itself around Luthor's head and took over his brain and body. Brainac as he appears in the DC Animated Universe. any Comic Vine content. Collected editions. Martha Kent 9. Lois Lane 2. Supergirl tells Lois to go and readies herself to hold the front line and defend the [[Daily Pla Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Clark is given a Kryptonian knife to kill Lex and prevent Zod's return, but he instead chooses to kill Fine. 02:38PM In the seventh season, Brainiac is able to reform from the ashes into a small amount of liquid crystal. Brainiac is usually depicted as a green humanoid, coming from the planet of Colu where all native inhabitants have green skin. Returning to Metropolis, Superman and Brainiac engage in a lengthy battle, during which Luthor is injured in the crossfire. Cover gallery for the Action Comics series,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Clark hears a mysterious noise with his super hearing and investigates as Superman. Later in the season, Brainiac takes an interest in Kara, claiming that he is the answer to many of her unanswered questions. It is revealed that Brainiac is slowly taking her over Clark goes to Jor-El for help. Superman is unconscious and hooked up to all the bottled cities, which allow him to hear their cries for help. To this end, he takes on the guise of a professor of World History at Central Kansas A&M University, and hires Clark Kent as a research assistant. Now that he has what he came for, Brainiac no longer needs Earth. The original Coluan version of Brainiac, with his pet Koko. It was directed by James Tucker and scripted by Bob Goodman. Brainiac accepts the agreement, and proceeds to rebuilding and improving himself. He can duplicate the standard array of Kryptonian powers, and is immune to kryptonite; however, he does need to recharge periodically. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other "Brainiac, Part 4: Mind Over Matter": As it continues to raze Metropolis, Brainiac's head ship deploys dozens of robotic Brainiac Probes. Since then, however, he has used a giant, green/metallic skull-shaped space ship with metallic tentacles. When first introduced, Milton Fine's primary function is to free General Zod from the Phantom Zone, and turn Earth into a suitable planet for Zod to rule. Zor-El (Flashback and main story) 10. He continued this way until he was finally confronted by Superman. However Brainiac has one final trick left. DC editorial staff found this to be uncharacteristic of Clark, and the cover was recalled. Jor-El confronted Brainiac, only to learn that the foul computer was engaged in a plan to save himself; He would bring all the knowledge of Krypton with him. When Superman arrived on the ship he attempted to force the young kryptonian to stay, and chose between his homeworld and the adopted world that had come to hate him for being different. Superman had, in fact, gone into the Phantom Zone in order to find the Argonium 44, which would not only cure Lois and heal himself, but provide him with increased strength against Brainiac by shielding him from his kryptonite blast. As a result, he can not control anything on Earth and is promptly defeated by Superman. It's Superman. Having taken Metropolis, with Lex inside, he was in his own mind keeping his end of bargain. and the Legend of the Vampire, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League. Geoff Johns Supergirl tells Lois to go and readies herself to hold the front line and defend the [[Daily Pla Action Comics #869 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2008. Matt IdelsonNachie Castro Brainiac is easily the most high-tech of Superman's foes. will not stop until it has merged with the beings it believes are its creators! Witnessing the incident, and how his satellite could be used as an effective weapon against Superman, Luthor finds Brainiac's still intact brain chip and takes it to LexCorp, where he reactivates Brainiac. Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator, Superman vs. Meanwhile, Clark Kent contemplates the idea of revealing his secret identity to Lois.

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