the clash give 'em enough rope album cover

Track listing on back of LP sleeve and actual order of songs is quite different! According to Rate Your Music, this was released in 1978. This is a very well put together version - top quality all the way highly recommended!! This is a very well put together version - top quality all the way highly recommended!! The Clash’s 2nd album cover wasn’t always this un-American. 1979–1982 “Give 'Em Enough Rope” is the second studio album by the (edit) I guess the original US pressings showed the band name in this font, which is why they've used it here. Does anyone know which version came with a blue / yellow lyric inner sleeve? My version of this LP has the tracks misprinted on the sleeve. The cover of the first US pressings showed the band's name written in block capital letters. The Clash's Give 'Em Enough Rope cover wasn't always this un-American. The original American issue of the album also retitled "All the Young Punks" as "That's No Way to Spend Your Youth". This was part of an Australian budget range named "Select". Does anyone else have this misprint? Anyone know when this might of been released? Four more songs were recorded: "One Emotion", "Groovy Times", "Ooh Baby Ooh (It's Not Over)" (AKA "Rusted Chrome", later reworked and released as "Gates of the West") and "RAF 1810. It was their first album released in the United States, preceding the U.S. version of the self-titled album. Underrated, melodic album from the Clash. English punk rock band The Clash. Please allow 6-8 weeks between order and delivery. been captured for the next Rock Saw jigsaw puzzle on the highest quality board. All Over The Map: A Live Document Of My Favorite Albums. Great addition to the collection. … The album marked the first album appearance of Very nice overall LP; sturdy packaging, thick clean slab of vinyl, and most importantly mastered by Chris Bellman. Signed by Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. The sleeve is Brown's work not Grief's. Can anyone else confirm this glitch on their copy? [8] Sandy Pearlman, who produced the original album, was not a big fan of Joe Strummer's voice, to the point that he ensured the drums were mixed louder than the lead singer's vocals on the entire album. All lead vocals by Strummer, except "Stay Free" by Jones. Most of the tracks, as with the prior album, were written by guitarists Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, with the exception of "English Civil War" (a reworking of the traditional American folk song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home") and "Guns on the Roof", which is credited to all four band members, being Headon, Jones, Strummer, and bassist Paul Simonon. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Give 'Em Enough Rope on Discogs. Brown gets an obscure reference on the second release. It was released on 10 November 1978 through CBS Records. The song's title was changed when Give 'Em Enough Rope was released on CD. Makes more sense. The album's first UK single, "Tommy Gun", rose to number 19. based on a postcard titled "End of the Trail", photographed by Adrian On their second album Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978), the Clash had started to depart from the punk rock sound. [23], In 1993, Give 'Em Enough Rope was named the 87th greatest album of all time in NME magazine. According to Rate Your Music, this was released in 1978. My copy is closest to the JE 35543. critics and fans, peaking at number two in the United Kingdom Albums Chart and "Tommy Gun" and "English Civil War" were released as the album's singles, either side of Christmas 1978. And would that constitute a different version? [7], The band continued to include contemporary subjects in their lyrics on the album; "Tommy Gun" deals with Middle Eastern terrorism, specifically the hi-jacking of aircraft, while "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad" is a commentary on the infamous "Operation Julie" drug bust that saw the largest LSD production ring in the world, based in Wales, dismantled by an undercover police operation.

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