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0000044143 00000 n 0000018755 00000 n The IR studies indicate that silica support does not have free –OH group 0000001786 00000 n [3H] PK-11195 binding affinity assay was carried out; analogues 11, 20, and 24 bound to the translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO) in nanomolar range. <> %PDF-1.4 %%EOF %PDF-1.4 <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Parent 3 0 R/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Contents 16 0 R/Type/Page>> Sudip Nag, Arnab Pramanik, Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Maitree Bhattacharyya, Green-fabrication of gold nanomaterials using Staphylococcus warneri from Sundarbans estuary: an effective recyclable nanocatalyst for degrading nitro aromatic pollutants, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 10.1007/s11356-017-0617-7, (2017). {�(��,G�p^�����d|(� �T�5������N�Vg���%9��i��֦��,�w�|�}�58� ���흯��s/��Ӷ`J��9�|��o�E��s�@{� ��ǽ�=~��ÿ�|�����ߞ���ݦ�~v�r��9=WȬsK��}���718�Zj+�� L���0��P���Afn�md㈿��� 0000049648 00000 n The 2′-nitrophenyl-2-oxobut-3-enyl glycopyranosides as reduction substrates gave 2-quinolinemethyl glycopyranosides via reduction followed by intramolecular cyclocondensation reactions. A careful mechanistic investigation through a real-time detection and a series of controlled experiments with possible intermediates was also carried out, which showed the transformation proceed via both the phenylhydroxylamine and azobenzene intermediates and the reduction of hydrazobenzene leading to aniline might be the rate-determining step. 14 0 obj 0000000016 00000 n 0000002433 00000 n 85 0 obj<> endobj Taken as a whole, this report presents compound 20 as potent, selective and safe GBM cytotoxic agent which constitutes a promising direction against brain cancer. 0000000853 00000 n 0000008321 00000 n <>/Length 15410>>stream In 3D clonogenic assay, compound 20 manifested potent tumoricidal effects on TMZ-resistant GBM cells even at submicromolar concentrations. 0000008994 00000 n 58 48 0000028345 00000 n 0000008723 00000 n <> Various methods have been developed for the preparation of aromatic amines from the corresponding aromatic nitro compounds 2-4. It utilized the readily accessible 2-propanol as a hydrogen donor and had a wide range of substrates scopes. <<833C20410CA20C4A90E964ACEB465A9C>]/Prev 337838>> 105 0 obj <>stream Ni–NiFe2O4/carbon nanofiber (Ni–NiFe2O4/CNF) composite materials were synthesized by fast pyrolysis of the FeCl3 and NiCl2 preloaded biomass. Both trinuclear complexes function as efficient reusable heterogeneous catalysts for the selective reduction of assorted nitro compounds to the corresponding amines. 0000039294 00000 n endobj 0000037670 00000 n 0000001877 00000 n The catalyst can be easily separated using a magnet and its catalytic activity remains almost unchanged after 7-time reuse. 0000017374 00000 n ^O�w�q�����%�8O�^�n���N;�}:&�T�tu�Wm���-K������vm������ͮ;�_�{�{��[ �]k�>k���E��6�3߫`�hȖ�{W�;��ļ��2?�}���[���rܷU���+U��)~\} �)������s�v84�P����`RR����p���-�ts�Y����� HR..H. 0000021435 00000 n 0000017445 00000 n chemoselectivity without affecting other sensitive functional groups. trailer 0000004184 00000 n 0000034801 00000 n 0000016957 00000 n 0000017097 00000 n 0000053296 00000 n The nitro group is also strongly electron-withdrawing. endobj endobj Nitro Aromatics 3.1. Abstract The article contains sections titled: 1. x�b```f``�c`c`�9� �� �@Q�9�Y�9L�'q��1�f����U���q)�&~���=���=`@����Z��ޒ�Z�\���$�PYg�gc�œ��N��k�c65^�m Artikel I. HYDROGENATION OF AROMATIC NITRO-COMPOUNDS R = H, CH3, i-Pr, OH, OMe, OEt, NH2, COOH 2,4-Dinitrotoluene 2,4-Diaminotoluene 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) 2,4,6-Triaminotoluene 1,3-Dinitrobenzene m-Phenylendiamine R NO2 R NH2 NO2 NO2 … <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Parent 3 0 R/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Contents 7 0 R/Type/Page>> Introduction 2. 0000015331 00000 n 0000017929 00000 n x��!�A�|�)��e�suEP~ֱ֤��a�oW"��d�\��"*��n�N�>��F���!s�t0�]2frS�m3�D8�u�O�È�)Q�n�A>L�Z�V�Fv�~��.�y�ϧ&�S�X�9UjB�V�Q�5�,6�M��i�z��,�8�X8����b0N�@NS� BI8����b��O�w�ʃa���q�9�G�4�҇#xDn��Š����=" ��^q1�G��z�`��G��_9�G�4�Ri�ԕ8��͑Q���x�dAV��d�ΑQ•=,�F����?�"�x�c�1!�ku�����L"|p��W#����kauv`#���phD��ȸ�\��tEM#���ҿ1�z�wq&q��za�/-����7d���#� �p�eI��`��k! 0000019002 00000 n 0000001667 00000 n 8 0 obj %%EOF B}�����yj=���hoDQ�$8�RLN����ʍ�u�e@}r� >0n@n�Y� �,�)Ar. 87 0 obj<>stream endobj 0000038540 00000 n 32 0 obj endobj 0000044069 00000 n endobj Chemoselective hydrogenation of halonitroaromatics over γ-Fe2O3-supported platinum nanoparticles: The role of the support on their catalytic activity and selectivity, Highly Selective Transfer Hydrogenation of Functionalysed Nitroarenes Using Cobalt-based Nanocatalysts, Issue in Honor of Prof. Ferenc Fülöp ARKIVOC 2012 (v) 16-27 Substituent position-driven reaction pathways in the heterogeneous one-pot reduction/asymmetric hydrogenation of nitro-substituted (E)-2,3-diphenylpropenoic acids over Pd catalyst, Direct hydrogenation and one-pot reductive amidation of nitro compounds over Pd/ZnO nanoparticles as a recyclable and heterogeneous catalyst, Catalytic Hydrogenation of Aliphatic Nitro Compounds with Polysilane/Bone Charcoal-Supported Pd Catalysts under Continuous-Flow Conditions, Photocatalytic hydrogenation of nitroarenes using Cu1.94S-Zn0.23Cd0.77S heteronanorods, Intermetallic structures with atomic precision for selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes, Preparative-scale synthesis of amino coumarins through new sequential nitration and reduction protocol, Oxygen Surface Groups of Activated Carbon Steer the Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Substituted Nitroarenes over Nickel Nanoparticles, Continuous-flow synthesis of primary amines: Metal-free reduction of aliphatic and aromatic nitro derivatives with trichlorosilane, Preparation of N-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine by coupling of aniline and nitrobenzene in KOH–poly(ethylene glycol) medium, Nitrogenation Strategy for the Synthesis of Amines, (NHC)Cu-Catalyzed Mild C-H Amidation of (Hetero)Arenes with Deprotectable Carbamates: Scope and Mechanistic Studies, Preparation of Ni/bentonite catalyst and its applications in the catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline, Hydrogenation using iron oxide–based nanocatalysts for the synthesis of amines, Chemoselective hydrogenation of functionalized nitroarenes using MOF-derived co-based catalysts, Chemoselective synthesis of polyfunctional aminophenyl 2-oxobut-3-enyl - And quinolinylmethyl- C-glycopyranosides from nitrophenyl 2-oxobut-3-enyl C-glycopyranosides under ultrasonic vibration, Trinuclear {Co2+-M3+- Co2+} Complexes Catalyze Reduction of Nitro Compounds, Discovery of potent and selective cytotoxic activity of new quinazoline-ureas against TMZ-resistant glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), Iridium-Catalyzed Transfer Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes to Anilines, Efficient reductions of various nitroarenes with scrap automobile catalyst and NaBH4. The effect of scrap automobile catalyst (SAC), a waste material, was investigated as a catalyst for the reduction of nitroarenes to the corresponding amines with sodium borohydride in aqueous ethanol at 5–25 °C. 0000003193 00000 n 0000004594 00000 n 0000035222 00000 n 85 45 %PDF-1.4 %���� Low micromolar IC50 values were exhibited over a panel of three primary glioblastoma multiforme patient-derived cell cultures belonging to proneural (GBM-1), mesenchymal (GBM-2), and classical (GBM-3) subtypes.

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