when the camellia blooms joker

I actually googled laquer to see if it’s ingestible (it’s not). I think the thing about the cats is telling. Mi-soon couldn’t understand it, the Camellia’s just a regular bar–all you get is an hourly wage. I don’t think at all that he’s related to Hyungsik’s family. Go to baseball camp together or something? I really felt for Hyang-Mi this episode. Aha, so she and Dong-baek do have a history. the "Joker killed Hyang Mi" line threw me off so much that i stopped & rewatched the last few mins of eps 10 to see if i missed anything..but nope, they just put it out there like that. Wangtta means outcast! I also think the dynamic of a failing relationship between Jessica and Jang-Ryeol can not be blame on Jang-Ryeol alone. My heart went out to Ja-young when we saw just how much Kyu-tae’s actions had hurt her. At the lake crime scene, Yong-shik narrates that the Joker has killed Hyang-mi and Dong-baek has gone missing. It was this ep where we saw YS and DB forming a family bond. He looks just like the dad. That he didn’t guess DB fled to Ongsan after she ran away from him? Crab buoy/marker – Ongsan cousin to Heung Sik And with her love and affection I finally grew up”. The first half of this episode was light hearted and it was much needed, I felt Yong-sik’s absence during the baseball game so I was glad that he was the one with the drone and got to be a hero to Pil-gu That entire scene was GOLD. (So why does he keep bringing them home?) Same thing for the mother. No, this was after the dad was pegged, and we had a few theories floating around about dad and HS joint, but you called solo upthread. . No fingerprints. Jessica shows her mother the blind item about Jong-ryeol, complaining that she’d rather die than have Jong-ryeol’s name made public. Nak-ho squeezes Hyang-mi’s shoulder, telling her that she needs to work for him for the rest of her life. It wasn’t a large jar. And with her love and affection I finally grew up”. Sounds like a real opera huh? I have a theory! Cause they’re just like dad’s? }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. I also have been thinking (wild speculation) if maybe Heung Shik is not the Joker but he is connected to the Joker somehow and that he also is the person responsible for the warning writings and graffiti on the wall at Camellia. They notice Yong-shik furiously scratching his fingers (ew, they look raw and red) and tell him to get that checked, teasing he might give Dong-baek an infection. , Of course it cannot be what Pilgu wants, Pilgu gets. That person is the shaman who blamed Deoksun for her husband’s death. The future of our two protagonists is up in the air though as Dongbaek had to make a very hard decision for the sake of her child, which was quite the emotional scene to watch. People leave negative comments on her post calling her a nobody whose only title is being Jong-ryeol’s wife. That way, when I present my case to you, whether you like my opinions or not, whether you think I’m stupid bitch or not, the THEORY itself is harder to refute because the supporting arguments are there. or I thought that was too much. She slaps him. PKM3, I did have a theory when I first saw dad that was partially borne out. There is someone else in their household. Please. Why does he bring cats home if dad is going to poison them? Jong-Ryeol confronts Jessica about spending 5 million won on Pilate classes. It looks and sounds so 70's and at the same time, so provincial. The episode then ends with Yong-Sik running after the stranger and eventually catching up to them.

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